why boxing?

Boxing, regardless of the individual’s intention to ever compete or not has a long track record of providing some of the absolute best physical fitness training across many styles and types of athletes.


Boxing requires the strength of a weightlifter, the balance of a dancer, the conditioning of a marathon runner, the kinetic chain control of a golfer, and the mental focus of a

chess master.


Most people view boxing as “the most dangerous sport”, but truth be told there are more severe and permanent injuries seen on a yearly basis with such sports as football, yoga and Crossfit.  


Also, contrary to popular opinions, boxing provides one of the best WHOLE body workouts that the human body can perform. This is accomplished by use of the head movement, hand positioning, throwing punches, slipping and rolling punches, sliding and pivoting, bursting and ducking, and always having the knees bent throughout the proper movement of boxing.


Whether your aim is to compete at a local or national level, feel more confident in self-defense scenarios, get rid of stubborn fat, or simply get into the best shape of your life, boxing can help you accomplish it all!

what we offer

Introduction to Boxing Class
This class will introduce you to the basics and fundamentals of boxing. It is designed to help build confidence and competence with your hands. This class will help you learn how to properly wrap your hands, how to safely strike the heavy bags, what position to have your feet in, and much more.

Circuit-Based Cardio Boxing Classes

This class is designed to be a “barn burner” workout, that includes amateur and professional boxing circuits that can be both fun, entertaining and focused on the cardio conditioning aspects of the sweet science of boxing. These classes will include light weight, high repetition lifting aspects, and body weight plyometric movements designed to increase muscular endurance and cardio conditioning.

Private Sessions / Small Semi-Private Classes (Friends, Co-workers, Families)

This is the perfect opportunity to work directly with a professionally licensed and certified personal trainer or boxing coach. If you desire to have more private, client focused, direct instruction, here is your chance. It can be designed specific to the individual or group wanting to train. Choose from a variety of hypertrophy/strength training sessions, cardio and conditioning, or private boxing lessons to fit the direct desire of the client(s).

One-on-One Training For Beginners / Group Training For Beginners

If the class environment seems overwhelming and a more private learning session is desired, this is the perfect place to start. Get comfortable with using different types of training methods, and gain complete confidence in what you are capable of achieving in the gym. This class is designed to help first time boxing students learn some how to strike, defend, move, breath, position the legs, etc.

One-on-One Athletes / Fight Camp Prep Training

This training and class camp style is set apart for competition athletes that need a coach to help them achieve that absolute peak performance prior to combat. These workouts are designed with the intention of increasing strength and conditioning, power and explosiveness, punching power, athletic stability and control. This style of training varies from low intensity exercises to intense and demanding exercises depending on what the coach is assisting the athlete in.

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